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All Cels displayed (other than those mentioned in the "Pricing" page) in this Website belongs to its administrators. If you would like to use any photos, please credit it appropriately.


We are very happy that people find this site useful and are flattered that some people will place a link to our website on their Facebook / Instagram / Website etc.  We would however politely ask that those who do so avoid giving the impression that this site belongs / is run by them. 

If you are in doubt as to whether an individual / a Facebook or an Instagram account / a Website is the administrator of this site, or in any way affiliated to us, please feel free to drop us a message at the Contact page or reach out to us on Instagram @Cellector_.

All anime characters in the Cels belong to their respective copyright owner (creator, designer and production house etc.) We do not claim ownership of any copyright of any anime characters. Neither are we owners of any videos uploaded onto Youtube and embedded in this website. If you are the owner of any material displayed in this website and would like the same to be removed or otherwise credited, please let us know. 

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